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ALL ON X TEKNİK - Açılı İmplantlar ile Tek Günde Tam Dişsizlik Giderilmesi

All on 4 implant application is a treatment that allows dental prostheses to be placed on four dental implants placed at certain angles in case of complete edentulism.

•All on 4 application can be applied to all fully edentulous patients with sufficient bone volume and to our patients who do not have any systematic disease that may hinder their surgery.

•A detailed radiological and clinical examination is required first of all for patients who are planned to undergo an All on 4 application.

•All on 4 application consists of two main parts as surgery and dental prosthesis. On the first day of the treatment, 4 implants are placed in accordance with the planning, and then the temporary dental prosthesis is fixed on the dental implant. Permanent dental prostheses are made 3-4 months after the surgical intervention. Thus, the patient goes through the treatment process without affecting his social life.

• It allows fixed dental prosthesis to be made with a single surgical intervention on the same day for patients without teeth.


• Dental implant insertion operation time is shorter.


• The cost is lower than the conventional dental implant because the number of implants is less and it does not require additional surgical procedures.


• Cleaning and maintenance are more comfortable than conventional fixed dental prostheses on dental implants.


• Since it is specially designed for the patient, it provides you with an aesthetic appearance.


• It is suitable for patients who have problems with removable dentures.


• Since its design is different from full dentures, it does not cover the palate and is easier to use.

You can use temporary dental prostheses fixed on dental implants after all on four application. In the 3-4 month period, which is the process of fusion of dental implants and bone, you will need to eat in accordance with the diet that your doctor will recommend to you. After the period required for the fusion of the dental implant, you can feed as you wish with your permanent prosthesis.

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