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Smile Design

Smile Design is a type of treatment planning that focuses on improving the appearance of your smile with certain procedures such as dental veneers, composite bonding, teeth whitening and dental implants. Some factors to consider for this treatment are: facial appearance and skin tone, gums and lips.

Things to consider when designing a smile are:


tooth color

discolored or stained teeth make you look old and dull, while well-shaped bright teeth give you a perfect smile.

Alignment and spacing

Irregular fracture, overlapping teeth or teeth with gaps between them can be evenly aligned and corrected with the help of veneers.

missing tooth

In case of a missing or cracked tooth, your missing teeth are completed with dental implants.

Fuller lips, smile and cheeks

In smile design, we focus not only on your teeth, but also on making your lips and cheeks look more beautiful.


Tooth ratio and smile line

To make your smile look flawless, the orthodontist or aesthetic dentist will examine whether the teeth are the right size or whether the smile line that follows the corners of your upper lip is proportional to your face.


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