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Traditionally, there are three types of veneers: porcelain with metal base, all-ceramic and monolithic zirconium. Each veneer type offers excellent durability and tooth integrity while mitigating the occurrence of periodontal infections and conditions such as tooth decay or fractures.

What is Zirconium Veneer?
Zirconium is a man-made material often used as an imitation of diamond high-end costume jewelry.

Aesthetic  is the biggest benefit of a Zirconium coating. Unlike other veneers, Zirconium is translucent, meaning it allows light to pass through like a normal tooth, giving the tooth the natural transparency that real teeth have. With zirconium, it will be difficult for someone to distinguish a veneer tooth from other natural teeth. Zirconium veneers protect the beauty of your teeth by looking whole with existing natural teeth.

Zirconium crowns are extraordinarily tough. Zirconium is a material derived from a unique and robust type of crystal.

Strong Zirconium coating will help prevent damage such as tooth fracture.

Zirconium veneers are biocompatible, so there is no risk of allergic reaction. In addition, Zirconium has an extremely low thermal conductivity, so the normal cold or hot sensitivity felt with other aesthetic dental veneers is almost absent with zirconium veneers.

A zirconia crown is produced from zirconium oxide, which has the strength of a metal crown and the natural look of a porcelain crown. This means you get double the benefits from a single package. Their transparency and light-reflecting qualities do not show a black color on the gums caused by metal, giving them a more harmonious appearance with natural teeth.

What is E-Max Full Ceramic Coating?

The art of ceramic production is indeed one of the oldest handicrafts in the world. Today, special ceramics are also used in dentistry to give patients realistic, natural-looking smiles. IPS  

E-Max is a ceramic material that combines strength and beauty unlike other dental restoratives.

All-ceramic dental restorations are metal-free. Therefore, the light can shine through them, as in natural teeth.  

• high aesthetic and natural appearance
• long-lasting quality
• color variety
• compatibility with the human body

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