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Kucukyali Dental Clinics have ultra-modern clinics in Istanbul that welcomes international patients from all over the world. Specialists here provide a full spectrum of quality dentistry at affordable prices.


Located on the eastern (Asian) side of Istanbul, the clinic is a short drive from the impressive Caddebostan Coast where visitors can find a wealth of restaurants, hotels, parks, shops and other amenities. Istanbul’s international airport is approximately 30 minutes away, with the staff here able to organise free shuttle services when booking certain treatments. 


Also known in Turkish as “Küçükyalı Diş”, the clinic’s mission is to provide preventive and restorative dentistry to both local and international patients at affordable prices while using the latest advancements in dental technology. 


Kucukyali Dental places importance on ensuring the utmost satisfaction of their patients and families through the range of dental and oral health services it provides, setting a model in both Istanbul and Turkey to become one of the leading private practices in the region.

With Kucukyali Dental, Indulge in the luxury and comfort of personal transport to cover your trips between clinic, hotel, and airport throughout your treatment; courtesy of our partnership with Turkey’s leading providers.Enjoy your stay with special prices at our partner five star hotels like Arjaan Hotels by Rotana and Elite World Hotels. No stress treatment period at your off clinic hours at world famous malls and shopping and leisure areas like Bağdat Avenue!

contact us via our Free Consultation Form, WhatsApp or e-mail!

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ISO 9001
Quality management system

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ISO 14001
environmental management system

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ISO 45001
Occupational Health and Safety Management System

iso 10002 (1).jpg

ISO 10002
Customer Satisfaction Management System

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Accredited to Health Tourism by TR Ministry of Health

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Dental Clinic Operators Association Member Organization

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Your Pets Are Lovingly Accepted

Küçükyalı Dental

Küçükyalı Network - Contracted Institutions

Medical Techs

Medical Technologies

Panoramic Xray

Provides diagnostic support with 2D imaging and whole mouth and jaw imaging

Apex Locator

Device for measuring the canal length in millimeters with the help of RF in root canal treatments


It is a digital sensor with active plate that shows small areas in greater detail.

Intraoral Scanner

A real-time modeling device that renders the entire mouth into a 3d environment

Dental Unit

State-of-the-art units with comfort, power and ability to reduce cross-infection risks


Provides magnification while doctor operates on small and deep areas.

Diode Laser

A laser device with many uses such as non-bleeding surgical tissue cutting, disinfection, etc.


A device that numerically measures the stability of the implant during dental implantation with the rf method.


A rotation device that dramatically increases the success rate of root canal treatment


It stands for computer assisted manufacturing; The device for the design and error-free 3D production of dental prostheses created with 3D modeling.



Service Hours

Monday - Friday 10:00-21:00
Saturday 10:00-17:00


Support services in English, German, Italian, Persian, Spanish and Hebrew and many more

Easy Access

Locations on prestigious streets in the metro, Marmaray and main transportation arteries

All Branches

Expert Physician staff from all branches of Oral and Dental Health

ISO Quality Standards

Compliance with international quality standards in 4 different fields

Online Appointment

Ease of making an appointment from your chair with the freedom to choose a doctor, day and time

Accessible Clinics

Human-friendly design with full barrier-free access to all areas

Institutional Agreements

Free transactions and advantageous discounts with Contracted Institutions and Insurance companies

Premium Material

Always the best materials Scientific Studies show

Paw Friendly

Your pets are warmly welcomed

Calm and Serene

Proper sterilization techniques with SlowDentistry principles and ample time and care in all cases

Elite Faculties

Physicians and Specialists from only the best faculties of the country such as IU, Marmara, Yeditepe, Hacettepe

ISO Quality

ISO Quality Standard Certificates


ISO 14001:2015

Çevre Yönetim Sistemi


ISO 9001:2015

Kalite Yönetim Sistemi


ISO 10002

İş Sağlığı ve Güvenliği Standardı


ISO 45001

Müşteri Memnuniyet Yönetim Sistemi

Kurumsal Marka Logoları

Küçükyalı Diş - Dental Works | Küçükyalı Medikal A.Ş. Logo
Küçükyalı Diş - Dental Works | Küçükyalı Medikal A.Ş. Logo
Küçükyalı Diş - Dental Works | Küçükyalı Medikal A.Ş. Logo
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