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LAMINATE VENEER - Yaprak Seramik Diş Uygulaması

Laminate Veneer is applied as a solution to color and deformities of teeth that may occur in every person. It is a treatment method applied not only in terms of aesthetics, but also for the correction of interdental spaces or the correction of tooth crowding. It is also called ceramic laminate, leaf porcelain and leaf laminate.

• To close diastemas, lengthen teeth and reshape if necessary • For the treatment of broken or cracked teeth

• As a solution for patients who want a permanent whiteness in the color of their teeth.

• In patients who do not like their own smile as part of the smile design

How is Laminate Veneer Applied?

• Laminate Veneer application, after your comprehensive examination, your Gum Health and Hygiene is provided first.

During the preparation process, roughening of the tooth levels is done to set the porcelain laminates. The degree of roughening varies according to the tooth structure.

•Then your Digital Scan is done with special intraoral scanners. Leaf porcelains are produced by devices in the laboratory environment according to the measurements of the person after nanometric preparation.

•Laboratory process may take 2-6 days relative to the procedure. Finally, leaf porcelains are adhered to the tooth surface with the help of a special bonding agent. (Ultradent - Variolink series is used in our clinics.)

You can have an aesthetic smile with leaf porcelain in 3-7 days!

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