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PEDODONTİ - Çocuk Diş Hekimliği

All of our staff get along very well with children. We know and understand how children think. ​ We do not want children to be afraid of dental clinics, but to believe that clinics are a pleasant place.​  Our dentists and all our staff are aware of the importance of oral and dental health in children. They received specialization training on pediatric dentistry. They are here to help protect and restore children's teeth.

We work with you, the parents, to ensure that children take good care of their teeth at home. With follow-up appointments and preventive treatments, we detect potential caries early and treat if necessary.

Fluor Application

Fluor is an element that prevents tooth decay and strengthens the structure of teeth. Fluor slows the formation of plaque by bacteria on the teeth and reduces the risk of caries formation. Since the enamel is not fully mature when the teeth first erupt, newly erupted teeth are less resistant to caries, that is, they are more prone to caries formation. Fluor strengthens the tooth enamel, protects the tooth against acid attacks and helps prevent caries.

The method and frequency of application varies according to the age of the child, the risk of caries formation, and nutritional habits. Since it is not taken systemically and it is applied locally, it does not cause a negative effect on the health of children. It can be used safely in children when applied in expert hands.

Are fluor applications safe?  

In the “Fluor Status Report” published in 2016 by the Turkish Pedodontics Association (TPD) and the Turkish Dentists Association (TDB) Education Commission, it was reported that the fluorine sources used to prevent caries do not contain toxic doses of fluorine, therefore they are reassuring. (

Fluoride, which is used in appropriate amounts recommended by dentists, does not cause any side effects on human health.


Treatment of infected milk teeth may not be possible in some cases. In such cases, it may be necessary to extract the milk teeth early. In early loss of milk teeth, appliances called placeholders are used to protect the permanent tooth that will come from below. Placeholders prevent the neighboring teeth from tipping over into the extraction space. Therefore, they prevent future orthodontic problems or speech/chewing disorders. If not, the erupting permanent tooth  it cannot fit in the narrowed place, it comes out crooked or it cannot come out at all.  

Fissure Sealant Application (Fissur Sealant)

Fissure sealant is a protective treatment especially applied to the chewing surfaces of molars.

The recesses on the chewing surfaces that are suitable for caries formation are covered with a fluid material.

After the application, the accumulation of nutrients in the teeth decreases and the teeth become easy to brush.

In this way, the risk of caries is greatly reduced.

It is easy to apply and is applied in a few minutes. It is a protective and painless procedure.

It is not an application that requires repetition and its routine control is sufficient.

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