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Dental Examination; made by dentists and in the mouth; It is an examination that determines whether there is a health problem related to teeth, gums, palate and surrounding tissues. Everyone, without exception, must undergo this examination on a regular basis. In this way, it will be possible to detect existing problems in the early period, and to plan and implement treatments to eliminate these problems. Many diseases can be prevented with early diagnosis.

Digestion begins in the mouth. That's exactly why Particles left over from consumed food lead to the reproduction of various microorganisms in the mouth. It should also be noted that the oral cavity has extremely favorable conditions at this breeding point. Therefore, it is necessary to clean the mouth and teeth in the most correct way and regularly. In case of neglect, some problems with teeth or gums begin to occur in a short time. Detection of these problems can only be possible with a dental examination. 

For this reason, every 6 months we welcome you to our clinics. However, when we detect a problem already, we may ask you to come to the controls more frequently. In most cases, this is for a more comfortable and loss-free treatment process for you. If you have not been to the dentist for a long time or if you are afraid of possible treatments, we would like to remind you that; The tooth is an organ, it is the only way to be protected from major and relatively uncomfortable treatments such as surgical interventions and to put less burden on your budget with timely interventions.

So What Are We Doing?

When you come for a routine dental examination or apply with any complaints related to oral and dental health, we receive information about your current ailments, complaints and medications you use, if any, right after the patient registration process. Then, in order for our physicians to make much more comprehensive evaluations ,we take your radiographic imaging. This step in Dentistry is called Oral Diagnosis and Radiology.

After extensive examinations, our doctor first resolves if you have an existing pain or complaint, and then creates all the health procedures that should be applied to you in the form of a treatment plan.6-month routine Periodic Total Maintenance If it's time for your operation, it will inform you and perform your Airflow operations to remove tartar Cleaning, Polish, Tongue Cleaning and, if any, staining on the interfaces. After oral hygiene is provided, you start to apply your Planned Treatments, if any, or make appointments for a time that suits you. If he/she needs an opinion (Consultation) from a Specialization Branch, he/she will direct you to our most appropriate Specialization Branch Doctor.

How is a Dental Examination in Children?

It is very important that you get a Pedodontist as soon as your children have teeth for the first time. Milk teeth must also be checked by a dentist. Afterwards, your dentist will inform you when you should go for a check-up, depending on whether there are any problems. Click for more information about Pediatric Dentistry!

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