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What is Periodic Total Maintenance and Why Is It Necessary?
Due to reasons such as eating habits, not brushing correctly and not cleaning enough, plaque accumulation is high in the teeth, especially at the gum line and their interfaces. These plaques become calcified over time and turn into dental calculus and discoloration begins. This type of tartar is the main cause of gum disease. These stones and their coloring cannot be cleaned by the person himself. As a result, stone deposition accelerates with increasing acceleration. Accompanying it is bad breath, loosening of the teeth, bleeding in the gums, and unpleasant brown discoloration in the mouth. In order to prevent these from being observed, it is recommended to go to the dentist at regular intervals and have total care.


So What Are We Doing?
Tooth stone cleaning
Removing stains with Airflow
tongue cleaning
Dental floss application when necessary
Fluorine application when necessary
Oral hygiene education consists of stages.

Are the teeth numbed during the procedures?
It is not done under anesthesia.

Will I feel pain?
Minor tenderness may be felt in areas where there is gingival recession or gingivitis. 

Will my gums bleed?
Bleeding occurs in patients with edematous and inflamed gums, but this is not at a level to be feared and does not continue after the procedures are completed. Because after cleaning, the inflammation starts to dissolve and the gingiva becomes pink-colored, tight consistency, that is, healthy. 

How much will it take?
The procedures take an average of 30 minutes. In cases where calculus density is high and it is necessary to work under the gums, a second session is applied. After all treatments, a control session is also done.

Do ultrasonic cleaners damage the tooth?
Improper use of devices causes micron-level scratches on the teeth. This causes the teeth to be colored again in a short time. Please do not apply to yourself the devices that only professionals should use.

At what intervals should I do it?
Plaque accumulation and stone formation vary according to the placement of the teeth, salivary structure, brushing and eating habits. Periodic Total Care is performed when deemed necessary during 6-month physician controls.

Does it eliminate bleeding and bad breath?
Unless it is due to a systemic disease, bleeding and bad breath caused by gingival problems can be treated with Periodic Total Care.

What are the benefits of fluor gel application?
Fluor gel reacts with the crystals in the enamel layer of the tooth, causing the formation of fluoroapatite crystals, which are more resistant to caries and prevent the feeling of sensitivity. Thus, the enamel texture becomes more transparent, shiny and durable.

How to apply fluor gel?
After drying the teeth with air, 1.23% APF gel, which is placed in 5 ml of special foam spoons, is left in the mouth for a maximum of 4 minutes and the excess is cleaned. The patient is asked not to rinse his mouth for 30 minutes.

Is there any harm in swallowing Airflow powder?
No detected harm from ingestion has been observed, but just in case, the patient's swallowing risk is minimized by working with a saliva ejector.

Is there a certain age limit to have this application done?
No its not. More superficially, it can be applied to milk teeth.

Is there any harm in taking it during pregnancy?
During pregnancy, the gums are more hyperemic and edematous due to hormones. Therefore, bleeding is more than normal, but there is no problem. Preferably, total care can be done easily in the period of 3-6 months.

Does Periodic Total Care cause any damage to fillings and coatings in the mouth?
On the contrary, far from damaging, the cleaning of fillings and coatings should be done regularly.

Will my teeth lighten after this procedure?
When the discoloration and stones are removed, a more spacious appearance will definitely occur, but the teeth will not be lighter than their own color. For this, whitening is required.

Why and how is tongue cleaning done?
The tongue is made up of papillae and is an excellent surface for bacterial accumulation. In general, it is the most forgotten place to clean. The tongue is brushed for 10 seconds with low-speed rotating brushes. It does not cause a feeling of discomfort in the patients, on the contrary, the person is made aware of the cleaning of this area.

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