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Celebrities Whose Main Profession is Dentistry

Thanks to magazine services of Türkiye, we are very familiar with celebrities whose main profession is medical doctor, such as Cüneyt Arkın and Ferhat Göçer. Well, do you know any celebrities whose main profession is Dentistry? Let's start the list:


Anyone recognize him from the photo?

Mabel Matiz with his tweet that made me laugh on World Dentists' Day :)


Next is a musical genius who brought unique works to Turkish Rock Music such as "Bu Kalp Seni Unutur Mu? (Does This Heart Forget You?)", "Zaman Zaman (Time to Time)" and "Yeter Ki (As Long As)". Turkish people or who is fund of our rock music immediately recognized the song names or they were on the tip of their tongue!

Fikret Kızılok... We would like to point out that our late artist, whose art career can be written in a book, also has a book in the field of Dentistry called "Dental Hypnotism". Unfortunately, it is out of print and can only be found in second-hand bookstores. I came across it years ago when I was a student, but I couldn't get it. If anyone has a copy in their library, it will be accepted as a gift :)


I would like to personally meet with Turkish Rock gourmets who will know the handsome Elvis-like man in the next photo:

Mişa Sidi Sarfati, an artist who has contributed to Turkish Rock Music for years and has countless magnificent works, is our Maxillofacial Surgeon and my very valuable friend!

Especially when you listen to her rendition of "Uğurlar Olsun", even if you don't know him, you'll wonder if he's singing it. His duet with the rock diva Özlem Tekin, who is known for his unique voice, "Dost Kalamam" is my personal favorite. Those who want to listen can click!

Who wouldn't want to have their implants done by a Rockstar? By the way, I had this done without even asking myself this question :)

Here's another one from the USA:

Edgar Buchanan, whose full name is William Edgar Buchanan II, appeared in over 100 films in his career. The actor, who became a cult with the 1941 movie Texas, is a dentist who graduated from Oregon Health & Science University School of Dentistry.


I will continue to add examples from around the world as I have time. Stay tuned!



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