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Your Own Blood, Your Own Cells! Dental Innovation with Stem Cell Treatment!

a routine Dental Implant Surgery with PRF Stem Cells @ Kucukyali Dental Works
A routine Dental Implant Surgery with PRF Stem Cells @ Kucukyali Dental Works

Dentistry and Innovative Practices

Dentistry continues to evolve and progress in parallel with scientific advancements. Constantly enriching its content with new alternatives and technological breakthroughs, dentistry inherently possesses a preventive healthcare aspect. Stem cell implants, such as PRF/PRP (platelet-rich plasma), are developed within this philosophy and perspective. Through the use of healing mediators present in individuals' own blood, these methods enhance the recovery speed in surgical procedures.

Advantages of Stem Cell Implants

PRF/PRP (Stem Cell) Implant

PRF/PRP, or stem cell therapy, is a method applied in various medical disciplines. Plasma obtained from individuals' own blood not only contributes to faster healing of the treated area but also eliminates various reaction risks. This is because the substance injected into the area is a material your body is already familiar with and essentially carries your genetic code – your own blood.

A small amount of blood is taken from the patients, and through laboratory techniques, platelet-rich plasma or stem cells separated from the blood are injected into the treated area in the patient's mouth.

Treatment and Recovery Speed

A Regenerative Approach

Implant treatments, being a regenerative approach, are expected to result in more successful and rapid recovery when applied to surgically treated areas. PRF/PRP treatment has a bone and tissue healing nature, making it a frequently used procedure, particularly in bone augmentation and implant operations.

The addition of bone powder due to bone loss through stem cell treatment leads to both faster healing and the formation of higher quality bone. Since the tissues heal more quickly after the treatment, the patient's quality of life also increases. Moreover, the patient's own stem cells obtained from their blood strengthen the immune system, accelerating the healing process.

If you are interested in benefiting from these innovative dental procedures, you can contact our clinic to obtain detailed information and schedule an examination appointment. Wishing you healthy smiles!


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