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What is Masseter (Chin) Botox? What Should Be Considered?

Updated: Nov 23, 2023

Masseter Botox is generally used to reduce teeth grinding, jaw tension, pain and locking, to relieve pain in the ligaments that develop as a result of these conditions, to shape the square-looking jaw and create a balanced facial shape. Masseter Botox can be an appropriate treatment method for people whose jaw width is due to muscle mass

  • The Masseter Botox procedure does not cause pain or discomfort. After the procedure, which is completed in about 10 minutes, the patient can continue their daily life where they left off. Before the Masseter Botox procedure, the area where the masseter muscle is located is marked by applying a local anesthetic cream to the patient’s skin. The dose adjustment is determined specifically for each person according to the strength and volume of the muscle. Then an injection is made into the masseter muscle. The maximum effect appears within approximately 2 weeks. Although the duration of effect varies from person to person, it is known to last an average of 6 months

  • Masseter Botox plays an important role in people having an ideal jaw structure. Thanks to the reshaping of the face, women can have a more aesthetic and attractive jaw structure. The ideal jaw shape has quite different features for women and men. While thin facial lines that provide a soft and aesthetic appearance are preferred in women, square facial lines that provide a strong expression are desired in men. Jaw clenching caused by anxiety, migraines or dental problems and the resulting jaw pain problems can also be eliminated with masseter botox application.

  • Masseter Botox is a medical procedure that is quite safe compared to surgical operations, but it is possible to have some side effects. Possible side effects after Masseter Botox application include; headache, muscle weakness, muscle stiffness, redness, pain or swelling in the jaw area. Since the effects are not permanent, Masseter Botox application should be repeated at intervals recommended by the doctor in order to ensure the continuity of the results obtained. The frequency of application may vary according to the patient’s needs. In addition, depending on regular application, it is possible that the frequency of application will decrease over time.

What Should You Pay Attention To After Masseter Botox?
  • After Jaw Botox, you should try not to chew hard foods for the first 24 hours and consume liquid foods as much as possible.

  • Do not massage the injection site for at least 24 hours after Jaw Botox.

  • Do not apply makeup for 6-8 hours after Masseter Botox. It will be appropriate for hygiene that makeup brushes and materials do not touch the injection area.

  • After Jaw Botox, one should not wash their face or take a bath for a few hours.

  • After Jaw Botox (after Masseter Botox), it is recommended that hard foods are not chewed for 12 hours and that liquid or puree-style foods that do not require excessive chewing are consumed in the evening of the procedure.

  • It is recommended that blood thinners are not taken for 24 hours after Jaw Botox or Bruxism Botox.” Make an Appointment with Our Specialist Doctor for Masseter Botox Application:

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